About Us

I was born in San Jose and raised in the beautiful province of Guanacaste, located on the northern Pacific coast. As a child, traveled all over Costa Rica. Together, we discovered beautiful, exotic places, wildlife and unique cultures of some regions. The school was a great experience. I enjoyed meeting many students from other peoples through Nicoya. I work with a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and personalities taught me to appreciate the differences that make life so agradable.Más later when I returned to the Central Valley, Alajuela and the capital city, I focused on learning the history of Costa Rica and English in order to become an effective guide in this magnificent country. My first experiences in tourism began in 1998 During this time I observed a major tour operators driving tourists as animals, following strict itineraries and schedules, I knew there was a better way. Sometimes you just wait for 5 minutes to clear out the clouds provide a spectacular view of the volcano. Stop watching a rare quetzal or oxcart could make the difference between a dull day truly memorable and an experience I decided to create a different kind of tour company. People who come to such a beautiful country like Costa Rica deserve to enjoy it at their own pace. My greatest satisfaction is that customers are delighted by their experiences in Costa Rica. I work hard to understand your personal preferences and design customized tours that will surpass your expectations. If customer preferences change along the way, we will gladly make immediate adjustments. We can see or do anything the client would like to do. We will gladly offer recommendations based on extensive research and personal experiences. I know the geography, hotels, restaurants and attractions. And travel can be even more enjoyable than the destination. There is always time for a special photo of a lazy mother with her baby, or a spectacular volcanic eruption.