One of the best ways to keep yourself, your family and friends safe from COVID-19 is staying at home. Your health is always our priority!

Due to this situation we want you to explore Costa Rica and have an idea of the adventures and experiences of this small but incredible country!

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We have prepared some packages of our best experiences during our 20 years in Tourism. These are to cover the expenses of our team because of the world-wide tourism problem.

Sharing our best 

pictures with you!

USD$2.99 | 1 Picture. The expression of the nature on your screen. Colors, experiences and history represented in 1 picture.

USD$4.99 | 3 Pictures. This package will introduce you to the Special Costa Rica. Different scenarios with different perspectives.

USD$9.99 | 5 Pictures. From the interior to the coast, live what is to be in hours in 2 completely different places.

USD$16.99 | 10 Pictures + Tico Rides History Bonus. A small country but with huge experiences, come with us closer and learn what you can find in Costa Rica. Plus pictures of Tico Rides Costa Rica of the last 17 years and more.

USD$24.99 | 15 Pictures + Tico Rides History Bonus. Everything and more is included in this package, from places and paradises, experiences to animals, flowers and trees, everything you have to know before coming to this incredible country. Plus pictures of Tico Rides Costa Rica of the last 17 years and more.

USD$19.99 | Tico Rides History Bonus. All the pictures, experiences, videos from years (more than a decade) ago. Our beginning, and our old vans, everything in this bonus package!


One Experience

USD$2.99 per picture. Includes 1 picture.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.




USD$4.99 per package. Includes 3 pictures.


A Little Bit of Everything

USD$9.99 per package. Includes 5 pictures.


The Perfection of costa rica

USD$16.99 per package. Includes 10 pictures + Tico Rides Costa Rica History Package.


The Proof of the Pura Vida' Style

USD$24.99 per package. Includes 15 pictures + Tico Rides Costa Rica History Package.